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                      Innovention Design 

      Invention & Innovation Product design Developers -AKA -Innovention Design Developers has spearheaded several entry concept designs finalized for research , analysis and post production. Invention & Innovation product design developers Inc, have taken necessary precaution securing these intellectual properties( designs) under Innovention Design developers and or its founder & creator for safety and sole interest for Invention & Innovation Product design Developers. Invention & Innovation product Design Developers is clearly open to partnership, venture project affiliation and investive interests respectably and advise our viewers, important investor prospects, and professionals to utilize the current marketing department director contact and correspondence links.

 A major vital organ of Invention & Innovation Product Design Developers is the galvanization of creative thought abridged with modern technological advancement and evolution professing this procedural thought process essence. As founder, it is my core goal to self initiate, produce and create the most efficient platform for these creative core thinking patterns to infuse harmoniously with the common standard of U.S.  economical growth, capitalism,and opportunity.   IIPDD focus  as well on initial prototype designs, projects, acquisitions, cultivating the conceptualizing thinking pool and creative thinkers more-so to motivate these specified creative persons to be moved, inspired, innovated, and a prospect  mutual R.O.I partner; thus helping them  further and create their  future business inclinations. Furthermore Invention & Innovation Product Design Developers & or its Owner(s) , Founder(s)  and Entitled patent applicant registrar, claims the rights of Invention & Innovation Product Design Developers,  "Technological Acquisitions"  and its intricate operations and Intellectual properties, ownerships, ( Designs , proto concept designs, renderings , scale ups , publishing, marketing licenses, derivatives software designs, operation systems designs , interactive system engagement designs, schematic operation designs , proto-type production designs, private Research and scientific endeavors, projects , product hardware and exterior designs, brand package designs, logos , trademarks in intent and utilities designs filed, product license agreements  (* status *) active , intended and pending design and utility design filed and in  pursuance,pursuing with appropriate patent and security departments..  Thus claiming  all said here forehand and variations and deriviatives , including verified and documented inclusive active filings and correspondences with the United States Patent & Trademark Office ,Departments and Agencies,  Pendings, rulings and hearings on registered filed patents, utility patents, designs patents bearing an  application numbers and (EFS-web filing numbers linked , with other alternative registered  elite professional contractual agreements , sale license contracts agreements , advertisment license contracts, agreements,  partnering engagements and  licensured agreements, and all  Royalty agreements and contracts amended, and beforehand here in mention  officiated, owned , litigated and delegated by its Owner Invention & Innovation Product Design Developers , Founder dated as of This 27th Day of February 2019  including the registered Patent pending filings, utility patents and design patents filer Mohammed Christopher Williams and Cebeyon L Mattahs administering..  

       The Said below mention and expressed and published via social media, web , and by way of the United States Patent & Trademark Office , corresponding , pendings; are intellectual properties and operations , ventures and establishments of invention & Innovation Product design Developers And or its Founder Mohammed Christopher Williams and Cebeyon L Mattahs; any further engagements, sales and bid acceptance  hearings and partnering shall be published and made known filed and acquirable though  the appropriate  public officiating govermental state, federal and appointed departments officiating over such specifics accordingly. GameBet controller and dual sided controller concept and draft proto design had been under correspondence with the United States Patent trademark office since 2-2/2017-2/10/2017 filed 2018 and pending with inclusive current correspondence.  Even noted in the abandonment of an application, further interest pursuers should know that reclaim and reactivation options are options  availabilities monitored by the United States Patent & Trademark Office. This preserves the original filing date as prompted herein , such in the matter speaking of an abandon application .  Thermaton has been registered with the USPTO gov office since 2-2-2017/-2-10-2017 filed 2018 and pending. Coastal sitter 2-2-2017-2-10-2017 filed 2018 and pending with the USPTO gov office. all other are heresaid ventures , filed pending and active in status as of 2/12/2019- pending as pursuing properties of Invention & Innovation Product design  Developers Inc. 

Technological Acquisitions 

Concept design research projects 


Game'Bet Dual opt Controller: Private Non disclosure

418 bamboo drive , Los Angeles , Ca, 90012


Coastal Beach Sitter : Private Non disclosure 

research active: thermal stripp technology , micro thermal stripping and heating , micro heating technology and material integration , heat material relation studies and technology 


Pro Thermal Sports Bench: private Non Disclosure 

  1. Research active; digital visual panelings , design integration , touch screen digital panel advertisement screens, micro and macro midsize advertisment screen technology , design integration , thermal heating technology , infusions. coolant technology 


Mobile Q wind-shield storm breaker : Private Non Disclosure

Research active:  magnetic exterior relations , timing , endurabilities. statistics, unites states accident traffic censor report studies and research relatable to deriviatives windowshield slide & wiper technology , wiper motor designs, solonoids, micro generators, cranks, thermal nichrome wiring technology and alternatives technology, thermal strip technology , thermal flat iron bed plates & technology  micro iron bed plates research technology and data, windsheer &  veleocity , endurability ( endurance data research management and exterior design relation and integration technology.


Music Exchange Draft Artist League: (MEDL) pronounced " the medal" is 

the First music exchange that creates a exchange draft platform for label to label artist exchange  with a artist recruitment and custom contract system and draft  dr league system designed for the Artist and the Label mutually 

the Music Exchange Draft league was inspired by the NBA & NFL draft season operation . It implemented Mutualizing all major performing labels much like a mutual fund with cross platforming abilities allowing labels to relieve artist shelved or no longer on their primary roster  cross exchanging them or bidding them with another label. Artist likewise can feel a fresh beacon and lighthouse by way of a designed Draft that is created to set the standard and re-establish ambition in the inspiring artist and leverage established artist whom seek freedom from their current signed recording label.

Research active: NFL & NBA draft league season administration schematic operations , operation procedural and process guides , intricate financial managment  reports, mutual fund identity ticket consolidation ,relations, mergers, committees, councils and federations, draft selection process, contract dissolutions, and pension and compensation , offerings and bid cost & price appropriations contracts and engagements 


Alternative Dispute Resolution Exchange: Alternative Dispute resolution Exchange is communication specialist platform specified for keynote persnnels providing post secondary Legal auditing services, for securing individuals concerned with acquiring a second string defense that audits hired acquired professionals. alternative dispute also helps probono self help keynote individuals alike . It kis the first of its kind within the legal industry that operates by sole contract ( power of attorney) 

Research. key note public statistics, communication , litigation skills , business managment , power of attorney contracts limitations and establishment.

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