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Services that's Finally custom fitted for the Little Major upstream business figures like you. 

Invention & Innovation Product Design Developers Inc. 


Micro Portfolio System Management 

consolidation  management services  custom small business and entrepreneur registry, custom brand management , internet market entry platforming inclusive with  brand company and or product proposal document script preparations and  monetary strategic investment optimization & planning 


Product Management 

custom product navigation planning 

and product  cost of sales analysis. Product's  target market adjustment research with conclusive consultations.  One-on-One training consultation, research briefing and advisory purposed for discussing and establishing  relative markets and leads best for investor market entry and market performance.  Select custom manufacturers fitted to provide cost friendly productions  for your product, 

Product design management 

Software UIX,  Wireframe and protocol design management ..Autodesk , rendering and product rending upgrades services with  product  exterior design element planning 


micro/macro proto product production management 

IIPDD ensures  that  regardless of your personal budget, reliable strategic budget planning and premium optimization planning can be applied to our client's product campaign which guarantees product productions. Micro to macro venture product production is an pen end product production spectrum  ruler that IIPDD has apprehended , professionalizing  custom services based on our clients means.

brand management 

IIPDD provides branding service for advance clients and or clients that needs suitable specified branding positioning. Premium branding designs are personally fitted to the product's consumer market adaptability rate and its purpose objective , thus integrating a product brand that correlates to its Marketing output and customer base relation 

Operation Addendum Consultation services

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First To Serve Communty inc/ 

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