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IIPDD  *Now!* Investor Available Product line view panel


Game'Bet is the next level game controller that incorporates the Graphene technology in its exclusive design while paramount landscaping  tech leading synchronizing  operation features that rivals and surpass that of the leading game controller giant Sony & X-Box! Boasting having being the first to occupy a  point recognition system allowing player to player real game cash bids with running game deliveries and  an exclusive security operation system having an insane enhanced synch system allowing synch boarding to home devices such as Home ADT, Alexis, Nexxus and alot more!  It's new Ergonomic friendly exterior design sets the guidelines for game controller now serving as a singularity item and interactive gameconsole item, as seen above , sneak preview 

The Pro Luxo sink Steamer Bath & Sink utility item, is a industry leader and  all time trendsetting luxury innovention when it comes to  the Bath & sink home design element. The Luxo steamer \ complete basic sink function equipped with a organic and or therapeutic aromatherapy + medical solution steam converter system for your full multi  medical and Or therapeutic enjoyment. 

The Music Exchange Draft Artist League The MEDAL is the first ever professional service /exchange platform that provides contract performance service features, designed by IIPDD .  It is the first to  hosts an annual draft event for artist. This platform compliments a mutual benefit for the recording labels presenting formal opts for formal artist releasal litigation intrumenting performing & distribution  contracts in it's operation design service administration .

Alternative Dispute Resolution Exchange  is an inclusive product designed by IIPDD. This Private Public service platform delegates the first ever communication specialist platform custom designed to resolve social delimah chords within the Judicial , county jail, and prison system. this M.O.S ( Management Operation System) is the first to facilitate custom design service  features that far excels the legal aid department while presenting a premium service note for person whom acquired private attorneys and seeks secondary auditing services and or research investigative services.

 Mobile Q is the ideal technological battalion against traffic deaths and injury. Mobile Q's  electro magnetic technology  provides attachable via de-attachable mobility; all operated by blue-tooth or manual controls. Mobile Q adapts to post modern automobiles not equipped with the post auto screen reverse view and or mobile screen view; thus granting otherwise viewing capability during heavy weather precipitations for operating elders and youth requiring.

Inclusive external integrating custom design applied; grants you a fluid integrative cohesion system  that does not de-appreciates your car model external painting and or fixtures. The Mobile Q thermal defrost systems delivers additional service features purpose to battle specific heavy weather precipitations . The Mobile Q K1 thermal wheel cab applicator, device specifies service features particularly for winter storm snow-in auto-encampments;  thus making it revolutionary and most importantly a trend auto manufacturer design trend setting standard 

                 Exclusive  pre-post  development production                                                             view panel

Exclusive Embryonic Stage 2 Preview, Is our premiere select product sketch production panel that  IIPDD enjoys delivering to our viewers to showcase the time line of ingenuity , Process , and original design landscaping. IIPDD have selected these exclusive premium concept product sketch renderings to go forth into production with full available intent for market entry and performance

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