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 About Us 

IIPDD was  established by its Founder and Product  Innovatist, Cebeyon Mattahs  January 2016 finally  after being on a 8 year informal operation status haitus; where he conducted a  private research campaign held by himself  that collected ,1st and 2nd raw data market , product demand data and correlation data to spearhead his venture.  During this  heavy grief bidden pathway trek , he achieved raw revelation into activating creative dormant thoughts where he saw the opportunity in expanding ROI opportunities.  This discovery later became more  responsive after multiple  self originated and inspired product concepts designs embued to its founder & creator  as worthy product market entries. Deciding 1st to test drive the analytical process  which later proved valuable and realistic according to the market perspective, approved by its founder;  who furthermore chose to research entry ways to materialize  and produce renderings , mock up forms and product forms of  these retail, commercial and industrial products concepts created and obtained.  He came up with an umbrella department  he called Product Arthubs ; that he would  later cradle   within his newly acquired business"Invention &Innovation Product Design Developers (IIPDD)". These product production banks called Arthubs was discovered  by its founder who chose to insight the realities of mutual ROI return interest for all parties involved further pioneering and 1st time involving, community  creative thought freelancers. Here community personnel  & capturers of the creative and conceptualizing thought process can produce without no entry fee line  established; inclusiviz-ing  services complete with utilization , and share management intellectual property right tools and services provided by IIPDD.  Products spawning from  retail, commercial and industrial tech / electronic , software, products to tech inspired products  for market performance can be incubated nourished and managed by Product Design Developers who sought to engage in a more up & close nurturing of the creative essents and variables allowing real partnerships, and collective  R.O.I engagements in the expansive geo locations . Cebeyon Mattahs having come to knowledge and terms agreed to furthering  management network  systems  and product production systematics with a specified investor bridge platform in mind. 

Cebeyon L. Mattahs  formed and incorporated and 2 years after and  to date september of 2018 released his first concept design he had placed in a strict non disclosures classification file until he could afford a patent security mode. After Obtaining This, he release a preliminary release statement of his dual two sided digital game controller with inverse design and external design bevel techniques that  focused on expanding it's interaction properties more; introducing a built in speaker for audio and vision response, and headphone alternative.  This came with  bluetoothe capability, adding Alexis ,and home security port engagement access  to its now bluetoothe interaction forum,. He further pushed the limits by introducing a touch screen with custom cut molding as  one of the double sided features , and a custom lock digital game controller password parental and adult & teen ownership lock system. This would further advance to a game software recognition system that would allow player against player real live allowance and pay moneys bid bidding equipped with financial uploading capabilities that utilized financial  allowance cards and or  instruments and deposits. Recognizing the value in real properties and product concept designs that required insight and recognition of value with pro- level 5 administrative  tenderings  for market performance; IIPDD was born january 2016 having a special elect product line assembly of concept designs , renderings and product summary scripts that tendered to form real high potential product discussions for value market performance. IIPDD thus created a 2-way bridge with central tower for investors to access  his own private product line and  all access product Arthub data base that never before was granted to an uncharted market newly discovered by Mr Cebeyon Mattahs.  It was delegated that creative thought and engineering thought could only be spawned under our indoctrinations and requirement of degrees , masters & etc. He would prove that the creative thought element exceeding that and that there was a wealthy creative engineering database that only required real management and easy access tools for product production . Products that boast of creating interest and a high potential market performance score. Cebeyon later  discovered he too can expand the creative opportunities and real ROI (option  return of Interest) unto that of the general population, customer pool and creative community art conceptualizers  ... serving the process he now owned   called " Invention & Innovation Product Design Developers". 

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